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Recently, I had a conversation with Red Gaskell.

Often I speak to people who operate from a place that, in large part is disconnected from the day to day act of creating in its truest sense. I suppose this is because I, myself, am often more interested in the strategic moves and observational insights than the recognition of instinct that turns into natural expression and creation. This is precisely why talking to Red was a pleasure, he certainly made me see in things in a different light. Here what I learned.  

You Find the Answers in the Work: You get better the more work you make … “If you were to look at my camera roll, it would look like I took the same photo a thousand times, because I am looking for things that are so subtle that make it just right…when you are a beginner you don’t know what those tiny things are” …. seeing the unseen. 

The Role of Emotion: How is it that some have the ability to bring awe, wonder, and beauty … to the mundane? a t shirt folded just right in the case of Everlane, or what seems like a big blob in the case of a Rothko painting. The answer is, it starts with emotion. What is the brand? who is this for? and what do we want them to feel? Those are some questions to get started with. 

Authenticity and true expression: You must understand your point of view and what your values are, just like 

The role of social: What kind of business is right for social media? Thats the real first question. If and only if you are the right kind of business for social. Then you might want to develop community, in the community you want to be creating content, and then you want to find the right people who are leaders and advocates of your brand. This will ignite an organic fire of engagement. 

Letting Others Tell Your Story Through Customer Cues: Think about the journey of the customer, and then design from a social perspective. Think about all the instagramable moments from brands like Glossier 

The Drake Brand vs. The Kanye Brand: Riding waves vs creating waves… for this you just have to listen to the episode linked below.