Why did you choose the educational path you took? Was it by design or was it by accident? Is that good or bad? 

While there are no right or wrong answers to the questions posed above, they are certainly worth exploring. The way that we have approached education up until now is worthy of an alternative perspective. 

This week on The Branded Podcast, I was fortunate to get that alternative perspective, on how we should approach the education of our young people.  

The person that I had the pleasure of speaking with this week is Minnie Bredouw, Sr. Creative Lead at IDEO and part of the team that created The Purpose Project

Here’s what I learned: 

1. What if we could teach our youth to focus on their character before skills? how would that change how they approached learning and the paths that might be most fulfilling for them? 

2. Building a brand or the self-image of a child is about collecting stories that identify and reinforce character strengths. They are like an anchor in an image centered world, they are the signal in all of the noise. 

3. Stories are leading the way and brands are following, instead of the other way around. What types of stories are resonating with young people Well, they are drawn to influencers or individuals more than brands themselves .. because real people revolve around real places and real stories so brands should be thinking “how can I associate and participate in a real way”

4. How can we build to think? Empathy + Prototyping = Reflection + Experimentation 

5. Technology is a tool that enables almost anyone to be an educator and can be used by everyone in almost any domain or business, not just the classroom or core subjects. Learning never stops. 

6. If you are building the product you must be an advocate for the users, you have to fight for what they are struggling with in their lives

7. The best brand will be (Open)Brands. Brands that learn in the wild, that express strengths and weaknesses because just like a person, this kind of vulnerability is incredibly attractive and liberating to others. 

For the in-depth conversation, check it out below, where Minnie and I go deep into the topics mentioned above and the details of The Purpose Project

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