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We live in a world rife with noise. Brands are in large part responsible for a lot of that noise…buy this, use that, read this, post that. 

Although, very rarely do we come across a signal in that noise. But, when those rare signals emerge, we are naturally pulled towards that expression of pure truth. Sometimes these truths manifest as brands. Apple & Nike are some that come to mind for me, I am sure that there are others that come to mind for you. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kapil Gupta, a human being who can only be described as a student of ultimate truth, a student of nature who then relays what he has learned to some of the most elite Billionaire CEOs and professional athletes whose names you surely know. 

Here’s what I learned.

Although, much of what Kapil spoke about is beyond what words on a page can describe. You can check out the full episode here.


Better and best is not as inspiring as being The Only. 

Echoing Peter Thiel, Competition is for losers. Implicit in the engagement of competition is the question of how can I better another? why limit yourself to the upper bounds of the others? 

When we transcend competition we start from a place of deep self-examination and The Only One’s begin to emerge. Does Apple compete? Does Nike compete? Does Amazon compete? Does Tesla compete? 

Competition simply gets us to a limited point in a local maximum. Truth and a genuine vision, on the other hand, produce something that is in a class by itself. Competition is for losers. 


Who do you really want to be? Who is that I want to be? That is the question. But, we live in a world where it is about who you should be. 

This is a simple question that every brand and person who will create a league of their own asks. 

As soon as you ask for prescriptions you will begin to follow prescriptions  

Everyone begins in the wrong place, it is not how to do x y or z, it is not about the advice, the right place to start is with where do you want to go? 


Brand is the DNA of the individual that builds the brand

A human who does not compromise in whatever the vision of his world may be is probably going to create the ultimate brand. What is it that your brand refuses to comprise on? 


When you ask the how, what happens — what is the effect? you will go down the road of fragility and dependence. 


Group anything is dead before it begins

The transformation of one individual is the transformation of the world. Steve Jobs knew this in how he structured Apple. 


The truth is always real and the truth is always permanent

The hedonic treadmill of highs and lows, the only thing that is real is the thing that is permanent. If I have to keep replenishing, then it is false. 

Does your brand create emotional permanence or does it have to be replenished with notifications and unwanted ads? 


Where do you start — To build a great brand? 

Who it is that you want to be? because that destination will create the avenue. 


Listen to the full episode below...