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What is the new role of retail? 

If you are like me, you have consistently asked yourself “what is the role of retail, now that most everything is available with a click of a button?” 

There needs to be a novel take on retail. One centered around the new ways that customers discover, engage with, and ultimately fall in love with digital brands. 

Bulletin is that novel take. Founders, Ali Kriegsman and Alana Branston are democratizing retail and completely reimagining the context in which customers engage with, and discover digitally native brands in the physical world.

I was lucky enough to speak with them on the Branded Podcast, here’s what I learned from our conversation. 

Adapt & evolve the expression of your vision

Bulletin started as a magazine where you could find the coolest online-only brands, a place you could shop and discover through a narrative. While that is not the core of their business today, the original vision remains the same. 

Talk to you users (or customers) 

Ali & Alana asked their customers a simple question — what can we help you do, to help you grow your business?From that simple question emerged a new avenue to their original vision. 

To this day, Ali & Alana talk to users as it informs the customer experience over time. 

Fuse together elements that create a connection

What elements create a true connection? Ali & Alana looked to Soul cycle, The Wing and others to find the elements that make shared space feel more like something more than just shared space… 

Having a strong point of view at every interaction

From in-store messaging, product selection, to planned parenthood dip jars it is incredibly important to have a unique point of view at every touchpoint the in customers journey.

Become The Master Curator

Similar to an art gallery or collector, the role of retail in the physical world and the online persona in the digital world is to become a master curator. 

The physical world is the best way to make a visceral connection

Like an intimate relationship, the magic doesn't happen on the internet. Physical space and the retail experience is the best way to make an impactful, long-lasting customer experience. Tactically, this connection is largely created by the purpose and meaning that the objects and people placed in the store carry. 

Consistent experience across all channels: Transcending the “I know what i’m looking for experience” 

“Digital as the brand identity … and the physical as the brand experience”

Given the current purchasing and discovery experience of a customer, the way that brands design and think about retail has to change to a cross-channel connected narrative that is consistent whilst also enabling discovery. 

For much more a deeper dive into Ali, Alana and Bulletin — Check out the full episode below.