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Brands used to symbols of trust. 

We used to look at brands to guide our decision making and to help us express our beliefs through there symbols and logos. 

But trust has been eroding. From governments and large institutions to garments and ice cream. Culturally, there continues to be a pervasive undercurrent of skepticism of those who are large, rigid and in-charge. 

Now, while we still look for people to guide or decision making and symbols to express our beliefs, it is has become less about the brand name and more about the community and the values that are imbued in the products and services that we choose to engage with. 

Enter Brandless. 

“If people knew what things cost versus how much they are paying for them, they would be rioting in the streets” Ido Leffler, Co — Founder, Brandless 

Brandless is approaching the idea of brand from a people first perspective, focusing on the individual ideals and personal values of customers, at scale.

It is a fresh and culturally relevant approach to shopping and the customer experience. 

I sought to find out why and how they are creating a new kind of brand and customer experience. 

Here’s what I learned from my conversation with CEO & Co — Founder  Tina Sharkey 

  1. True community means you’re getting out of the way — facilitating and enabling community — putting people first, fusing value and values together. 

2. ‘Walk Your Walk’ — You, your customers and your brand experience are uniquely you. How does walking your walk show up in your product, your community and your mission? 

3. Eliminate The Brand Tax — A metaphor for all the inefficiencies that go into the development the product. What are the industries that are laden with brand tax? 

4. Todays Brands Are Art Enabled By Science — Technology can be a factor and multiplier of the artistry that is truly seeing, understand and expressing compassion for the human experience. 

5. Personalize Relationships With Individuals, At Scale — Allow customers to know that you see them as an individual, with their own unique quirks and nuances. Help them walk their walk. 

6. Lets Not Sell You, Lets Show You. — Retail isn’t going anywhere but should be more about an opportunity to engage as a learning experience, social experience (amplified into your own space), an opportunity for taste & trial, an opportunity to meet up with like-minded people. It should be just as much a brand experience and word of mouth marketing channel as a sales channel. 

For the full depth and detail of the conversation, you can listen to it here. Tina goes deep into the process, principles, and purpose behind the creation of Brandless.  

Check out the episode below: