Inside The Mind Of Michael Bierut 

Why brands are the sum of accumulated customer experience

It is likely that a brand you encountered today or in the past days has been touched in some way by Pentagram.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Bierut, a Partner at the firm. 

The episode covers a range of topics from the true value of a brand to how to know you are solving the correct brand problem.

Although, I am having a hard time pairing it down to one thing that I learned, because there were many. 

So here is a list of things I learned, and of course you can check out the full episode on the branded podcast as the episode is not live. 

  1. A brand is the collection of good will that you create over time, the propagation of that goodwill is how you grow the brand. 

2. It is important not to conflate the importance of the company founding vision and its success with the brand building process. Largely, the founding vision is more important to the future success than additive branding. 

3. To really understand a clients problems or any user problem it does not have to be too complicated. The process starts with asking questions and listening carefully to the answers

4. Typically their are 4 brand “Jobs-to-be-Done” that come through the door, my thought is it would be smart to familiarize yourself with these kinds of brand challenges. 

one — We’re brand new we want to be famous (i.e. Casper)  

two — We’re old — people are tired of us and we want to recapture their attention (i.e. Facebook Research

three — We’ve been around for ever and people hate us and we want to turn around into something people will like (i.e. Citigroup Inc.

four — We’ve been around for a while and we do something completely new now, or we still do that old thing, but we do a bunch over other things too now. ( i.e. Everlane

5. Experience and expertise do not always equal trust, sometimes it comes down to effort and commitment. 

6. The harmony of humans and the fascinating exploration of the ability for a group of diverse humans to be effective in the achievement of a common goal. 

To hear what Michael had to say about all of these things, you can check out the full episode here.