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I was first introduced to charity:water when I was walking down 5th Ave. and saw a yellow jerry can in a shop window. I thought to myself “hmm thats odd” and then looked at the signage and realized that this major retailer was partnering with a charity in a campaign that was actually cool. It was at that point that it occurred to me that charity: water was more than just a charity, it was a relevant brand. 

That is why I am delighted to publish this episode on the branded podcast, today's guest is Tyler Riewer, Brand Content Lead at charity: water.  

A big small request. 

This show itself is a labor of love so you can rest assured that any request is heart felt and sincere. With that, I would implore you to check out all the funding options that charity: water has. I have linked them below. 

charity: water's Website

Pledge your birthday (I will be doing this) 

Start A Campaign or Find a campaign

The Spring Monthly Donation Program 

Sponsor A Community

One time donation

Lastly, if the podcast did not allow you to connect with the work that charity:water does at a deep enough level, check out someone like you

Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.