I am delighted to share the latest branded podcast with you. For a long time I have had a fascination with philosophy and philosophers, parenthetically I have long been fascinated by the question “How do we live?” and it is this question which I believe to be at the root of all philosophical ideals.  

What does that have to do with Branding? Well, in my opinion, a lot. 

For the half century, brands have been an extension of what we do or don’t believe, the products we buy in some sense could be construed by passers by to hold a deeper understanding of which ideologies a person may or may not subscribe to. 

With that said, this weeks guest is Hayley Ard - head of consumer lifestyle at Stylus Innovation Research and Advisory. In this episode you will learn about  how the emerging trends in tech and culture are shaping the perceptions of todays consumer buying decisions and brand affinities. Although, the most heart warming and intellectually intriguing aspect of the episode is when Hayley and I discuss philosophy and its role in brand and todays culture. Enjoy.    

Oh, and I almost forgot. In the intro to this weeks episode is taken from a post by Jason Silva. Okay… Now enjoy. 


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