Rachel Cohen, Co — Founder of Snowe Home on the day to day decisions that go into building a great brand. 


Often, when I think about brand building I do so in a very idealistic manner. While this is certainly flawed, it is important, if not mandatory to think about what your brand should be on its very best day. After all, what is a mission or vision if not the absolute perfect expression of your values manifest in real life. 

But… but! This way of thinking is actually some ways a barrier for brand builders because the only way to get to that mission or that true north is to be relentless and thoughtful about how your brand is coming to life in every single interaction and every single decision. The nitty gritty, from operations to customer experience and back. 

Thats why I was so grateful to be able to speak with Rachel Cohen from SnoweHome on the podcast. In this episode we cover a range of topics all centered around how to bring brand to life in the everyday decisions of running a business. I learned quite a bit in our conversation and it is one that I am going to be coming back to over and over. 

Also, be sure to check out SnoweHome Products on their website and their Instagram page, or if you are in NYC go say hi, you will not be disappointed.