How To Add Substance To Your Brands Style: Applying Jobs To Be Done to brand building & understanding how to help your customer make progress in their lives.


“People are buying products for self-betterment, they do that because we as humans are goal setting, aspirational organisms“  Alan Klement


The purpose of this interview was to understand how we as brand builders, can improve our toolkit by using Jobs To Be Done. The interview provides insight into how to improve strategy, design, communication and products we create by applying JTBD. 

Alan Klement is the Principle of Customer Jobs Labs and a voice of authority on all things Jobs To Be Done. I really enjoyed our conversation and we cover a range of topics that all come back to the central thought of how to help people make progress in their lives.

Not surprisingly, Jobs To Be Done theory is being adopted by rapid growth startups like Intercom, who have applied the theory from Marketing to Design. I am so fascinated by Jobs To Be Done and think that it could be extremely powerful and effective when combined with fundamental brand building.