How understanding your motivations can help you create something that impacts the world. 

“Small things done well can have impact” 

Eric Hoekendorf, Co-Founder of Foyyay



Foyyay is a Product Studio relentlessly committed to making meaningful experiences for people, through a deep understanding of how they do life. 

In a conversation with founder Eric I had two major takeaways. 

  1. When it comes to creating meaning, it's about people over process. 
  2. Memorialize your values from day one. 


Creating meaning

When I think of the relationships that I have with products or brands that are most meaningful to me, it is not that much about the product itself. It is more about the people behind the product. 

In the full interview on Branded, Eric and I go much deeper into how to create meaning. 

Specifically, Eric beautifully articulates how creating meaning is … 

  • Intuition informed by data. 
  • It's about people over a rigid process. 


  • How making meaning is often about saying NO more than yes. 


Values that creating lasting value 

Why do you behave the way that you do? Why do you take certain actions or lack thereof? As human beings, there are often HUGE assumptions that underly our decisions and our beliefs, both consciously and unconsciously. 

Similarly, brands and products often have underlying assumptions about why they are doing or doing or creating what they are creating. This fatal error of not understanding the motivations that have informed their values often leads to the systemic erosion of value… can you say KODAK. 

Specifically, Eric beautifully articulates how understanding your motivations, even to the point of granularity, is extremely important from day one. We speak about how in the act of creation it is important to … 

  • Remember that design is a rendering of intent. 
  • The more you are aligned with your core reasons for being, the more you will resonate. 
  • Understand your motivations so that you can create a clear promise to your end customers — a promise you both believe in.


  • It is not just to know your intentions, you must communicate them.

Listen to the full episode below: