What does it take to build a product people love?

 A conversation with Ryan Singer of Basecamp. 

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Often, I think about products from a ‘cloudy’ perspective. I tend to look at companies or products and think about them in terms of their ‘true north’. Then, I try and figure out a way to reverse engineer features that might fit that ‘true north’, that ‘vision’, or that ‘purpose’. Embedded in that approach are a lot of assumptions. 

What I learned from a conversation with Ryan Singer of Basecamp, was that when trying to create new things (not derivatives of existing things) we must solve for specific situations in peoples lives. Specifically, before getting lost in clouds of generating supply we have to get out in the field, into the jungle of the demand that is being created by real people, in real situations. 

Simply, I learned that we have to remember to ask two fundamental questions when building products 

  1. Whats going wrong that we are fixing for them (real people)? 

  2.  How can we fix it? 

Only after these questions are thoughtfully asked, sufficiently answered, and continuously posited can we begin to think about the brand at large and the vision of the future that we hope to create in the world through our resources, processes and values as a company or organization. 

Enjoy the episode. You will learn a lot. 


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